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Make your own collaborative tools.

Save money and time

An open-source, free tool designed to foster collaborative networks. Collaborate and federate with local groups or establish global connections, spanning various fields. Share community resources, developments, and achievements, both locally and globally. Make your own online market, elder assitance, food sharing, transport sharing app, etc with no effor.

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Try the software in your own server

Organize cooperation

Establish a network tailored to your collective, enabling the publishing, assistance, communication, and organization of data all through a single tool.

Choose your style

Select your preferred method of cooperation. Utilize maps, lists, app aesthetic, and form options that best suit your objectives.

Maintain privacy

Cooperate without revealing users positions thanks to different display modes. Communicate within the app or externally with complete freedom.


  • All the buttons you want and unlimited users.
  • Just help us to continue developing with a donation :)


  • Unlock all customization options
  • Use our servers capabilities
  • Direct support from our crew

Contribute with Translations

You can contribute by translating the app into your language. Every bit of help makes this tool more accessible and efficient.